Law and women empowerment

Law and women empowerment:-

Sharia-Law-and-Middle-Class-FeminismWomen have achieved a special place in the society with giving their own distinction in presentation with every aspect. The government has solely taken the authorization relating to the development of the nation. It’s because the women since a long time have been victims of exploitation that are been done by this male dominated society. For the reason Women need to be empowered and men need to be oriented about their obligations towards women. Still in some parts of the country Women continue to be exploited. The position is same everywhere wherever developed, the developing or under developed.

Role of women in the society:-

Women play major roles during various stages of their life as a daughter, wife, mother and sister, etc. In spite of her contribution to human beings, she still belongs to a backward class on account of various social, political, economic and psychological barriers and impediments. On one side, woman is worshiped as goddess and on the other side she is oppressed, suppressed, depressed, exploited and 640_woman-engineervictimized by the male dominated society. A report of the United Nations say that “Women constitute half of the world population, perform nearly two thirds of work hours, receive one tenth of the world’s income and own less than one-hundredth per cent of the world’s property.” Women still suffer from discrimination, exploitation and victimization. The need of the hour is empowerment of women. Empowerment essentially means decentralization of authority and power. It aims at getting participation of deprived sections of people in decision-making process. It means giving voice for voiceless. Empowerment may mean equal status to women to develop her. Man should give women opportunity and freedom to develop her. Women empowerment looks at basic woman rights and attempts on organizing to attain them. Women empowerment can influence not only their own lives but also the lives of man and children. Women empowerment may enhance their self-confidence and their ability and willingness to challenge oppression. Women empowerment aims at eliminating discrimination and challenging gender inequality. This essay discusses the legislative and judicial initiative towards empowerment of women.

Law, government and women:-

govcon_mod_3x2Since the independence women has played a major role in the society. Their presentation to bring a change in the society has been remarkable. To make that more exclusive the government and the legislation has taken a step forward to aim at the empowerment of women in every aspect like that of personal, labor, service and criminal as well as various kinds of social and economic matters. There is particularly the fundamental law that has been named by the constitution of India which has guaranteed with providing equality to every woman. This has been a perfect reference through the legislation which would empower the women. For every new or old law has been changing that has been the same with the women empowerment law that would help every women to stand in the society with their own identity without the help of others.


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